javier maseda, design

Digital Design Director, Product Manager & Web Designer


Diploma in Graphic Design and Master in Digital Design at the IED Madrid. After college my entrepreneurial spirit made me create several design companies, in two of them I'm still partner. I’m the co-founder and partner of the web design and development studio Ipdea, and the email marketing app teenvio.com

Now I’m the Head of the Digital Design Lab, where we research, design and develop digital products for the IED Madrid, to help the Network to communicate, collaborate, learn, project and work online.

As a web designer I like to design and develop web applications, do visual design and UX & UI. But actually my work goes further, as digital product manager specialized in new technologies, I'm in charge of the complete design process, from ideation and strategy to conception and deployment.

Combining it with my work as a teacher and lecturer: classes, conferences and workshops on design, technology and education.

My passion for design turns to projects like Abre el Ojo (abreelojo.com) an online design magazine with 30 published issues, where I’m de Art Director and Co-Editor.

As side project I work with Sopalmo, a research and consulting Studio where 4 partners talk, discuss and research. In addition to lectures and workshops on future scenarios and design.


Head of Digital Design Lab
IED Madrid

Jan 2017 to present

Head of the Digital Design Lab, where we design and develop digital products for the IED Madrid, to help the Network to communicate, learn, project and work online.

Digital Product Manager and Web Designer.
As a designer specialized in web design and new technologies, I design and develop web applications, visual design, UX & UI, interactive prototypes, database systems, documentation and product management, combining it with my work as a teacher: classes, conferences and workshops on design, technology and education.

Digital Design Director
IED Madrid

Aug 2014 – Dec 2016

Digital Design Director
Head of the Web Department


  • New Web System for IED Madrid
  • DesignPass, Network app for IED, Single sign-on and students CV and portfolio site.
  • Abre el Ojo, Design Magazine, Época II
Creative Director
IED Madrid

Jul 2004 – Jul 2014

Creative Director
Head of the Creative Department

  • Unify the Brand Identity of IED Madrid
  • Advertising campaigns for IED
  • Create a New Design System for brochures.
  • IED Network (My first Network)
  • Abre el Ojo, Design Magazine, Época I
Owner, Partner and Art Director

Feb 2002 – Feb 2009

Art Director and Web Designer

Owner, Partner and Art Director
Ipdea Land

Jan 2001 – Jan 2009

Art Direction
Graphic and Web Designer

Founder and Partner

Sep 1998 – Jan 2001

Graphic and Web Designer


Master in Digital Design

IED Madrid
1998 – 1999

Diploma in Graphic Design

IED Madrid
1995 – 1998

Diploma in Graphic Design

Escola de Artes Pablo Picasso. A Coruña
1993 – 1995


Future Scenarios: Design and the professions of the future
IED Master

January, February, March and May 2018

In a connected, globalized, homogenous and continuously changing world, it’s impossible to predict what skills you will need in the future; because the professions of the future do not exist; therefore you must have the necessary tools to learn those skills, adapt to the changes and redefine yourself. Continuous learning, design thinking and project culture, will give you the necessary knowledge to be able to learn the necessary skills to face the challenges of an increasingly uncertain future.

Future Scenarios: Design
National Chiao-Tung University

22/05/2017 Hsinchu, Taiwan


Future Scenarios: Design
Ming Chuan University Taipei

23/05/2017 Taipei, Taiwan


Future Scenarios: From the Metropolis to the Digital City

30/09/2016 Pontevedra, Galicia


D1FG1READ: La lectura en la época del texto digital
IED Madrid. The Night of the Books

22/04/2016, Madrid



Future Scenarios: To Inhabit the future as designers

Pedro Medina, Javier Maseda & Pablo Jarauta

Masters of Design and Innovation.

La Granja, Segovia, Spain

We always need thinking a horizon in order to recognize our current needs and desires. This workshop is an exercise to discuss the relationship between experience and language in order to consider whether we should seek new ways to address the experiences that will emerge in the coming scenarios. In short, the workshop focuses the importance of considering the best approach to project the future.

  • Lecture 1: Future Scenarios: project the future.
  • Lecture 2: Future Scenarios: design as a system.
  • Lecture 3: Future Scenarios: dark web + debate about Future Scenarios.
  • Workshop: The designer as an inhabitant of the future
    Presentation of the workshop conclusions

Objective: Provide conceptual tools to learn how to relate, visualize and interpret the movements and social events.

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of social Trends.
  • Encourage research skills of the student.
  • Emphasize the importance of theory in a creative process.
  • To reflect on the present and future of the discipline.
  • And finally make it clear to students that knowledge is not just a collection of data, but rather the creation of meanings.

Methodology: This workshop is designed to develop in students a critical look towards the social environment.

So the course has a theoretical and practical development, where the basics of social analysis and design of the world are always accompanied by case studies and a reflection on the different applications of the knowledge acquired.

Finally everything is geared towards the realization of a workshop to put into practice the knowledge outlined in the theoretical part.